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Outspoken Maldives Blogger Who Challenged Radical Islamists is Killed

24.04.2017 (7:15 am) – Filed under: Politics ::

This is, of course, what they do, and have repeatedly done, for centuries.

In Georgia, a Democrat’s ‘Make Trump Furious’ campaign rattles Republicans

09.04.2017 (4:06 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

How about just doing what’s right for the country, which is Congress’ sworn duty?

Sweden Attack Suspect Had Been Told to Leave the Country

09.04.2017 (2:06 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

One word: Deportation.

Gujarat: India state approves life term for killing cows – BBC News

01.04.2017 (8:00 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

Why all countries are not equal. Subtext regarding the United Nations and equal votes: No.

Nation In Distress

01.04.2017 (4:20 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

This, friends, is criminal behavior, whatever party you represent.

Are Mike Pence’s dining habits chivalrous or sexist? – BBC News

30.03.2017 (7:43 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

Let’s get this straight: Vice President Mike Pence is a bad guy for NOT stepping out on his wife or harassing women?

With Obama-era internet privacy rules in GOP crosshairs, VPNs get another look

30.03.2017 (12:03 am) – Filed under: Politics ::

Time for a personal VPN. Trump voters probably didn’t see this Bulls bullshit coming.

Okla. police arrest alleged driver for 3 burglars shot dead by homeowner’s son

28.03.2017 (9:35 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

How far is too far when it comes to protecting your home? Let’s put it this way: Score 3 for the good guys.

Why is Colorado risking hundreds of millions to protect its marijuana industry? –

26.03.2017 (11:36 am) – Filed under: Politics ::

It’s time to decriminalize marijuana use and open the prison doors. Enough is enough.

Poachers just killed a beloved white rhino — inside a French zoo

07.03.2017 (3:51 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

Man is the most dangerous, destructive, selfish, and unethical animal on earth. — Michael Fox