Notice of Down-ness

Black Shards will be down for the foreseeable future while I battle a nasty infection, preliminarily diagnosed as staph.  Unfortunately the proscribed antibiotics have failed to clear it and I have no clue what will help at this point.  Obviously blogging has become a non-priority at this point.

Slow Posting Sabbatical

After a big run of posts last month I’ll be taking it easy for the next little while and not posting nearly as much.  Just needed to take some time and do other things.  To that end I had to sign off the PoliGazette team.  Why?  Because I found that I couldn’t "just blog a little".  Hopefully they’ll continue to do well.

So expect perhaps one post per week here, just to keep the pump primed, while I put in extra time on the day job this month and try to power through the second draft on my book the rest of the summer.

Looking toward the future, I’m fully expecting to have a lot to write about in 2009 once Barack Obama becomes president.  As the 1990s made the 1960s look like the 50s, Mr. Obama is likely to have us looking back on the inflation-filled reign of Jimmy Carter with the sort of cockeyed nostalgia that’s reserved for happier, more carefree times.

The "3 P’s" Blog Award!

Pete Abel over at Central Sanity recently listed Black Shards as one of his picks for the Pissant Partisan Provocateur award and I couldn’t be happier about it!

(Well, actually, I wouldn’t mind having a Techorati a bit higher than the present 280,190, if we’re telling the truth and all…)

At any rate, Pete is a really good writer with politics I admire and is one of the most sensible, fair-minded contributors to The Moderate Voice, my favorite blog to read. I truly do appreciate the recognition.

In turn, here are my 5 favorites who meet the criteria of the (dreaded) 3 P’s:

  1. American Future by Marc Schulman – Not only do I like the coolness factor of his first name, but Marc is a very strong thinker who can and does really drill into the meat of an issue. One of my favorite posts of his was titled “Orwell, the Left, and 9/11“. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the problem with modern liberalism.
  2. Michael P.F. van der Galiën – Michael is another strong writer and thinker who provides an interesting European perspective on issues. I’ve recently found his posts on Turkey to be really interesting, particularly because of the strategic importance of that nation to the West.
  3. Sister Toldjah – You go, girl! Author of many “Sister Toldjah moments”, she is highly opinionated, strongly conservative, and a woman secure enough to accept that men have a place in the world too. The only thing is that ST is really too popular to truly deserve this particular award…
  4. Melanie Phillips – Melanie’s articles and diary entries are both very strongly written, logical, thoughtful, pro-West, and pro-democracy blogs. She’s severely under-appreciated in terms of her blog’s ranking. Severely. I have not had a chance to read her book “Londonistan” yet but eagerly await the opportunity to do so.
  5. RiderX by Eric Gunnerson – Now for something completely different. I originally started reading Eric’s programming blog but came to appreciate his cycling posts more and more. Eric’s descriptions of the endurance rides he makes around the Pacific Northwest are so detailed it’s almost like I’m there riding with him (but without the pain, sweat, and tears).

Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations and keep up the great work!


One’s perspective is all-important in forming opinions.  It also defines how one will express those opinions.  This observation is nothing new – I’ve made it before yet failed to fully integrate it into my life and writing.

But there are moments of clarity in which one sees things are they are – or perhaps as they could and ought to be.  A Newsboys concert recently made me realize that two of my personal duties are:

  1. To defend not only my own home but my county, state, and America
  2. To make the U.S. a better, safer place to live and a stronger, more cohesive society

Duh.  That’s just basic high school civics.  I guess I’m not too bright – the lesson didn’t sink in until now.

Black Shards is one way that I can make a difference.  In a halting, half-blind way I’ve always known that was what I wanted for this blog.  But my lack of perspective kept me from bringing that goal into focus.  No longer.  A target seen is one that can be hit.  I plan to aim now.

So how does this impact my previous posts and positions?  It doesn’t.  I stand by everything I’ve posted here.  My positions re Bush, liberals, the “war on terror”, Iraq, illegal immigration, abortion, the death penalty, and education remain unchanged.

What will be different?  Morals, ethics, knowledge, and reasoning are the tools I use in my work here.  The Newsboys epiphany isn’t about altering any of them; it’s about purposefully combining them with language to create a weapon.  A war is being fought on multiple fronts and the right words can be used in the fight to achieve the best possibly outcome for my family and America.  The realization is knowing that it’s my duty to do so.

That much has been achieved.  As for the rest, time will tell.


“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.” — Bertrand Russell.

Welcome to Black Shards, a continuation of my blogging from the last 4+ years. You will see a certain amount of certitude on this site along with many doubts. I think that’s reasonable.