Annan: Expand Security Council

In a rare moment of lucidity, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Inane appealed to world leaders Tuesday to expand the Security Council.

This is a good idea, I think, and perhaps one could begin by cleansing the SC of France, a never-was on the international stage. The problem, however, lies in the veto power enjoyed by the current permanent members. This would have to be done away with if the future body is to function.

The Real Axis of Evil

Terrorists apparently attempted to kill the President of Afghanistan today. Read about the Kabul bombing at

I was watching a documentary last night regarding the Berlin Wall and the lengths to which the Communists went to in order to keep East German citizens captive. The question I had to ask myself is this: didn’t they know what they were doing was wrong. Forget political ideology. If people want to leave a country so badly they’d leave and risk everything just to escape, there’s something wrong with the leaders of that nation.

It doesn’t take a scientific study to figure this fact out. Simple dead reckoning will do the job. The Russians knew they were wrong. Their leaders simply did not want to lose power until Gorbachev had the courage to restore the rights of the people to Russian citizens.

It’s the same situation with terrorists. They know what they are doing is wrong. They simply don’t care. As far as I can reason out the situation, there’s only one way to deal with them: over the barrel of a gun. It’s not a matter of religious zeal, although many are no doubt devoutly Islamic. It’s about inflicting their vision of the way the world should be governed on the rest of us. By any means necessary.

The Israelis know how to deal with terrorists. America should follow their example. It’s really the terrorists-to-be that need attention. A man I know said something brilliant to me not long ago. “Those people need jobs. If they were at work, they wouldn’t have time to be causing so much trouble.” Perhaps it’s not a cure-all, but I’d wager if the unemployment rate in Palestine were 6% instead of 60%, there would be a lot less fighting in the streets

Brazil and the IMF

Brazil is going to get a big infusion of American support via the IMF during the next year. Read the IMF news release.

An NPR report on the subject left little doubt the Brazilians feel economic policy strings attached to the loans are unfair, apparently feeling they are entitled to borrow another $30 billion dollars to manage as they wish. And this on top of the $270 billion in debt the country could default on should things go further wrong.

Unfortunately the NPR transcripts are not available on-line, but the attitude of entitlement was clear in the report. As was done in Indonesia, the economic club must continue to supplement the carrot of IMF money lest the money be wasted away in Brazil.

Cuba Restrictions Outdated

It is one thing to stand up against a rising tide of Communism as the U.S. did for four decades; it is quite another to old a personal grudge against the leader of a tiny, insignificant nation such as Cuba.

Based information that is available, there is no reason for the U.S. to continue sanctions against Cuba. Apparently a new generation of House leaders agree. Read about bills that will ease these sanctions.

Certainly Americans at large do not agree with our country’s policy in this matter. Read about illegal tourism and who is doing it.

Perhaps there is something in the U.S./Cuba relationship that merits our response. If so, it is not public knowledge.