Keep Your Cell Phone #

Mobile Phone Industry: “users should switch digits when switching carriers”. Hhhmmm….let me think about that. Uh, NO!!!

“It’s very speculative to say this even offers consumer benefits,” they say. Malarkey. Many consumers stick with a company that they are unhappy with simply to avoid changing their number.

Of course, the whole idea of a phone number is silly. In this day and age, wouldn’t a friendly e-mail style moniker be more useful?

Richard Cohen’s Nonsense

First, a bit of drivel regardings the war in Iraq. Has it been so much longer and harder than expected? I doubt it. Is the worst yet to come? Probably, in the form of IRA-style terror attacks.

Next, a good article on the subject of affirmative action.

Finally, more drivel, this time about Education Secretary Rod Paige’s religious preferences. Cohen’s political correctness is nauseating. There’s no basis for him to call for Paige to resign, nor any reason for him to explain himself to a mere reporter. Whether Cohen likes it or not, the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation. What makes it unique is the fundamental tolerance of other points of view. But this tolerance does not alter the country’s founding principle.

Aggie Parents

Want to read about two truly amazing people? Their son was killed when the Aggie bonfire collapsed in 1999. This is an amazing story. I doubt that I could manage to react with half of the class of this couple

When I was at A&M, I never wanted to cut logs for bonfire for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I cut my share of firewood as a boy – enough is enough! Second, who wants to wake up at 4 AM for the privilege? Third and finally, it seemed hazardous to one’s health. Ironically, I thought only of the cutting of the trees, not at all of the accident that killed the students during the stacking, in regards to the danger.

Recession = Do it Yourself

I’ve been scraping paint off of my house for a total of about 14 hours in the last couple of days. Technically I can afford to have this type of labor done for me, but for how long? The IT sector is sucking wind. Why? Companies simply do not want to spend money on IT projects.

I am presently engaged at Dilbertian Oil, Inc. DOI just had their IT budget cut by 50% in February. This is a company with at least two systems for everything and the kitchen sink. This is owing to the merger that created DOI out of two smaller DOIs, one of whom had just merged with a third DOI. So there’s 2 and 3 of everything and nothing is integrated. Seems like DOI would want to INCREASE the IT budget over the next year or two, not SLASH it.

But no, such is not the case. Instead of developing a new application to meet their business needs, DOI has elected to marry the ghastly A.C. of previous discussions and implement a packaged solution created in a technology that saw its better days in the mid 1990s.

I fear for my job, therefore I scrape my own house. Another painter is put out of work, Home Depot stock falls and they don’t expand to Palookaville, AK. The recession continues.

Spanking = Child Abuse?

This Bryan, Texas jury seems to think so. The facts presented in the article are consistent with this finding. A six year old child is defenseless against a raging adult.

Seemingly, justice was done. So what’s to say? What is disturbing about this story is the prosecuting attorney’s closing quote: “Do we want to send a message? Yes. It’s never OK to do this.”

It’s not prosecutor Jarvis Parsons’ place to send a message. To whom is he sending it? Few, if any, of those who would care to heed his message are likely to need it. One suspects the mother will get the message after serving several months in stir. The child will get the message, too. His bad behavior caused his mother to be thrown in jail. Right or wrong, this connection will be made in the young boy’s mind.

But is it “never OK to do this”? Absolutes should be applied with care. Suppose the “victim” was a habitual liar or thief who could not be reformed with accepted disciplinary methods? Suppose he or she continually injured smaller children or animals in an increasingly aggressive pattern? Simply saying “you know Johnny, stabbing your sister with a steak knife is not nice” is not the best approach to these cases.

A lick in time can save nine, sometimes. Is it a coincidence that we have so many cases of juvenile violence at the same time we are reducing the amount of parental involvement and the level of discipline that’s being given? Is it a coincidence that schools are less and less safe each day, yet administrators cannot properly discipline rebellious youth? I think not.

Democrats Dig at Cheney

The Democrats want to start another political boondoggle by playing off of Dick Cheney’s former position at Halliburton. I suppose it’s all part of minority politics. Having no vision, no platform, and no ideas of their own, Democrats seem to want to grasp at straws in order to make themselves relevant.

I can almost hear Tom Daschle now: “Budget crisis? War in Iraq? Those are Bush’s problems. My problem is that nobody wants to vote for me. Dig me up some dirt on Dick Cheney. Even better if it’s war-related. 2 birds, 1 stone, you get me?”

I’ll never forget the look on Daschle’s smarmy face as he tried to put a positive spin on the election-night results in 2002. It was beautiful!