College Grads & What’s Ahead

This spring’s college grads are left jobless and wondering: Was it worth it? Shaila Mentore’s editorial makes me want to gag. Apparently Shaila and her fellow graduates are entitled to jobs that pay well and allow them to do exactly what they want to do.

Welcome to adulthood, little lady. Very, very few people are so lucky. In fact, I’m almost one of them. I’m a computer geek and I’m usually OK with what I am doing, but most people aren’t even that fortunate.

If Shaila wanted to have a good job waiting for her upon graduation, I would submit that choosing a more valuable major would have helped.

On the other hand, here’s a rather more realistic view by Dan Rather, a real newsman.

Minorities, Democrats, and Us

A minority view: the problem with liberals This is a terrific, well-written editorial written by Lionel Garcia about the uses Democrats have for their minority supporters.

My fondest wish is that people who vote Democratic “on principle” will read this article and recognize the truth that it purports.

Texas Democrats are building their own glass ceiling. Sherry Sylvester says that Democratic gerrymandering is bad for everyone.

I have to agree. I often hear or read stories about districts designed to give Hispanic or Black representation to governmental bodies. That’s not the right way to create government. Political districts should be drawn up on simple geographical boundaries that do not change. Only then will the re-districting games stop and government begin.

Street Racing is Bad


Stiffer penalties and fines for illegal street racing are coming to Texas courts.

“When high school children were dying needlessly in street racing activities in San Antonio, I began to look into the matter. I discovered that it was a state-wide problem,” says the sponsor. Not surprisingly, Mr. Fischer is a Democrat. More government, man, that’s the ticket!

How about parents simply supervising their issue? Oh yeah, and how about putting muffler’s on the idiotically warbling Honda Civics so many of the teeny-bopper fast and furious set drive?

Just Say No

Thom Marshall of the Houston Chronicle says we need to help drug users more. “We’re criminalizing an entire generation,” says one area judge. That’s a valid point and something that is very likely not right.

But would it be better to legalize soft drugs and let these “offenders” off the hook? Many of them have not injured anyone. In our government’s zeal to fight a war on drugs, too many “almost innocent” people have been jailed.

What is the point, after all, of criminalizing drug consumption? I’m not sure I know. If Billy Bob wants to smoke dope, what is that to you or I? If he does it and crashes into your car, well, we’ve already got laws for that. If Sally Jane shoots up smack while her kids starve, we’ve already got Child Protective Services to handle that scenario, too. So what is the real deal then?

Regardless, I hardly think having the state take more of my hard-won dollars from my clutching hands is the answer. How about this one: Just Say No.

Texas Democrats are back in Austin

What I want to know is if they are going to spend any time in jail. That’s pretty much all I want to know about those jokers. We’ve had to live with 135 years of their districting in this state, it only seems fair to give the other guy a shot at running things, what with the 2002 election mandate and all.

Men’s Golf is for Men

Vijay Singh says Annika Sorenstam doesn’t belong in a men’s PGA Tour event and he’s absolutely right. If Tiger Woods wants to play from the ladies tees, NOW would burst a collective blood vessel.

Unfortunately, Vijay seems to have caught some flack and has backed off of his stance, somewhat. But he’s right on the money. Unless the PGA is planning to be a unisex league, Annika needs to play her own game.

Here’s a recent poll on the matter:

What do you think of Vijay Singh’s assertion that Annika Sorenstam doesn’t belong in the Colonial field?

He’s right, she should stick to LPGA events 42%

He’s right, but he shouldn’t have said it 23%

He’s wrong, the PGA Tour is for the world’s best golfers regardless of gender 26%

He’s wrong, and she’ll prove him wrong next week 8%

Number of votes: 8,980

Seems like he’s in the right. But then I knew that all along.

Texas Dems Hiding

Democrats continue to cower in Oklahoma as the Texas state government grinds to a halt. One good thing about this is that the Texas state house can’t screw anything up when there’s no quorum.

It’s truly pathetic, however, that the petulant Democrats are being so childish. After 125+ consecutive years of monopolistic Democratic rule in Texas, they finally find that the other show does not fit as comfortably. I say “deal with it, Democrats!”, it’s high time congressional districts in this state represent the people fairly.

Baseball Player Beats Wife Before Game

That’s a recent hot story in Houston. So the guys at the Chronicle took a little poll:

Were the Astros right to release Julio Lugo?

– No, he’s innocent until proven guilty: 23%
– No, they wouldn’t have done this to Jeff Bagwell: 27%
– Yes, if he’s guilty, he should be gone: 35%
– Who cares, he’s not having a great year: 15%

Total Votes: 10315

What kind of questions are these? I hate to be the one to break it to the Chronicle, but “Yes, if he’s guilty, he should be gone” is not mutually exclusive of any of the other answers. Useless information, guys.