Oops, I’m a bimbo!

Britney Spears is quite a fox and yet, she’s not quite a genius, now is she?

Not that she’s any worse than any of the rest of your twenty-something musicians and movie/TV stars. It is, however, a sad realization to recognize that as a younger person, I actually thought these types had something meaningful to say.

Who Decides When It’s Time to ‘Go’?

Florida Republicans, apparently. This is a terrible decision on the part of Jeb Bush. Republicans are supposed to be the party of less government, less interference in people’s lives, less of everything ridiculous. If only that were true!

The Florida legislature had no business interferring in this matter. If any arm of the government needed to be involved, which is doubtful, it is the court whose decision was essentially overturned by this hasty, ill thought out decision.

Jack Kevorkian, where have you gone?

Teacher Calls Teenager ‘Monkey’, Gets Fired

This happened in Longview, Texas. With an administration as supportive of its educators as this unlucky school district, it’s not surprising that the Texas education system is among the worst in the nation. How can otherwise rational, responsible people be moved to make such inane decisions?

The last thing that needs to be done is to reward students for being undisciplined brats by firing their teachers. If anything, the ‘upset student’ needs a lesson in dealing with adversity and to be given the opportunity to learn that the world rarely deals with us the way we’d like.

News of the Stupid

From just up the road, a high school boy was expelled from school for sharing his asthma inhaler with his girlfrend who uses the same prescription.

I hate to say it, what with all of the educators in my family, but this is exactly the kind of stupidity that happens within a closed government-run system. Does no one in education have any common sense any more?

It’s easy to understand why the boy’s parents do not want to send their son back onto that particular ship of fools.

The irony of it all is that schools have constructed this bizarre labyrinth of rules and procedures to make themselves more effective, while the reason for their poor performance goes unspoken: today’s parents are raising ill-mannered, disobedient brats who have no respect for teachers and other authority figures.

While cracking that nut may be too much for the current generation of liberal, happy-go-lucky, “not my kid” parents, restoring the use of corporal punishment to schools would but the board back into education in a way that is long overdue.

Goodbye Gray?

It must be the nihlist in me, but I long for Gray Davis to get kicked out of office. It looks like it may happen!

I’d like to see this sort of thing happen more often. Perhaps officials and voters would remember who works for who if we’d check our representative’s leashes once in a while.

Arnie I can take or leave, but this kind of change can’t help but be good for California and the nation as a whole.

Rush was Wrong?

No, not really, not about the NFL’s version of Affirmative Action. But wrong or not, he’s gone, forced out of his position on ESPN as a result of stating the obvious: the NFL wants to have more blacks at the top of its marquee.

How dare I? Anyone who reads the sports page knows that the NFL central command has actively campaigned for teams to hire black coaches. In fact, earlier this year, the Detroit Lions were actually fined by the NFL for failing to interview their quota of minority coaching candidates before hiring Steve Mariucci, the very successful former coach of the 49ers.

The fact is that many people don’t like Rush Limbaugh. On his radio show, he has made himself a target of certain categories of people, people who were literally salivating for the opportunity to “cut him down to size”. Simply by stating the truth about the NFL’s practices, he gave them the opportunity to do just that.

The irony of it all is that Rush was quite wrong about Mr. McNabb’s playing ability.