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News from the Land of the Stupid!

21.11.2003 (5:28 pm) – Filed under: Stupidity ::

Former pledge sues Baylor frat for ‘mistreating him’. Heck, at Baylor they’ll shoot you if you miss a layup in a basketball game…

An American web designer was convicted of ‘hijacking’ the al-Jazeera Arabic language news network to display a patriotic message. This guy ought to get a medal…

I couldn’t resist this one: Wal-mart wants to introduce a house brand of laptop computer. Yeah, I’d buy that for a dollar.

Convicted Again!

15.11.2003 (11:26 am) – Filed under: Crime,Justice ::

Here’s proof that the justice system does work, sometimes.

Supreme Court Afraid?

04.11.2003 (5:50 am) – Filed under: Law,Politics,Religion ::

By refusing to hear the now infamous Alabama Ten Commandments case, the Supreme Court of this country has abdicated its responsibility. It seems to me that the only reason for the justices to refuse to do their duty is sheer moral cowardice.

What Media Bias?

01.11.2003 (7:03 pm) – Filed under: Media ::

“The fact that the enemy doesn’t adhere to the rules of war does not give us the excuse not to” says, of all media outlets, the History Channel.

What a crock of crap!

I’ve heard that little ditty about a dozen times since “Dances with Wolves” came on. If the remote wasn’t on the other couch ten feet away and out of reach, I’d change the (#)(#()# channel!

One fights a fire with a backfire. If attacked, one responds in kind. High-minded philosophies like this seem similar to those that caused such a cluster-fuck to occur in Vietnam.