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Pres. Obama says new lightbulb…

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Pres. Obama says new lightbulbs could save $4B/year. Meanwhile he’s accruing $1T/year in debt. Where do you think Congress should focus?

Congressional Budget Office: T…

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Congressional Budget Office: To put it bluntly, the fiscal policy of the United States is unsustainable. Wow, that’s a shock. I mean it.

There’s no such thing as perfe…

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There’s no such thing as perfect government, but a regime that hates its people will never come close. Khameini, resign today! #iranelection

The Necessity of Mixing God and Science

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Lawrence Krauss says that God and Science don’t mix, something that our own Claudia has contended, vociferously at times.  Pursuit of logic is a passion with many scientifically-minded people and the pursuit of logic – and logical explanations – can become the object of single-minded devotion.  In some cases this process leads to great truths and technological advancements; in others, the forest is lost among the trees and the researcher with it.  Whither Krauss?  I’ll not presume to guess but his word choices create distortion more than they reveal truth. 

It is certainly true God and individual scientific experiments do not mix.  The scientific method by definition calls for the isolation of as many variables as possible so that the one(s) under test can be definitively tested and explained.  In an individual test, therefore, there can be no allowance for the divine.  If there is, the experiment is fatally flawed.

Nevertheless, God and science are inexplicably intertwined. 

As a software developer I understand the process of examining a seemingly chaotic circumstance, looking for order and root causes, and defining an explanation for behaviors, both expected and not.  It is a very logical endeavor when all of the facts are known but one also relies heavily on intuition when they are not.  The software test, like the scientific experiment, is imagined by intuition and defined by its absence.  Yet pristine logic at the application layer does not mean that the programmer can ignore the fundamental truths of the operating system and development platform.  They still exist, whether our analysis considers them or not.  True knowledge of the system considers all factors, liked and despised alike.  Truth requires it.

Likewise, science is, when all the ideology, agendas, and personal pride is stripped away, the pursuit to understand the principles that govern the universe God created.  That truth does not diminish scientists or dull the luster of their accomplishments.  Rather it increases them for to learn about the world around us is to know a fraction of the mind of God.

Under God’s sky anything is po…

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Under God’s sky anything is possible, even freedom for the Iranian people in the streets. Mullahs let your people go! #iranelection

Iran’s Protests Ending After Clerics Calls for Executions?

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The New York Times thinks so after Ahmad Khatami, a senior Iranian cleric, called for the execution of protesters and the Guardian Council stated that the elections in held in that country were “healthy”.

The direct confrontation over Iran’s presidential election was effectively silenced Friday when the main opposition leader said he would seek permits for any future protests, an influential cleric suggested that leaders of the demonstrations could be executed, and the council responsible for validating the election repeated its declaration that there were no major irregularities.

This despite the fact that massive fraud was previously acknowledged in 50 cities across the country, leading many to wonder how much in the way of voting irregularity went unremarked by the regime.

You have to wonder how long protesters can keep up their spirits and efforts while being hunted and beaten on a regular basis.  Unfortunately it now seems that the Iranian rebellion popularized on Twitter may end as such rebellions typically do, with the brutal power of the state crushing the hearts and skulls of unarmed citizens, thereby ensuring more years of oppression for people who only want to live their lives as they see fit.

Sadly, the President of the United States, one Barack Obama, has been on the wrong side of this issue from the beginning.  First he failed to recognize the vote fraud that will perpetuate Ahmadinejad’s rule in Iran.  Then he failed to give even the pittance of verbal support for those protesting in favor of free and fair elections.  Finally Mr. Obama was forced to acknowledge these things when the Iranian state inevitably became violent, only to have the protests begin to fade away as pressure from the mullahs forced the people to fall silent.

Who knows what might have happened had Mr. Obama simply responded honestly and openly to the facts on the ground instead of playing a cagey, strategic game with the protestor’s lives?

There are those who claim that this was the right thing to do, that the strategic advantages achieved by doing nothing outweigh the obligation that America has to support those who would bring change to Iran and the Middle East, and that our passive reaction to a once-in-a-generation opportunity in Iran will bestow favor on America in the eyes of the mullahs who run Iran. 

Shame on them for their lack of vision and courage.  So little was asked of the Obama administration – simply telling the truth was all that was required.  Now it appears that their lack of conviction has cost us this chance for change, along with the lives of many Iranians who will go into their graves unknown and unsupported despite having embodied everything the United States purports to value.

Ahmad Khatami: “punish leading…

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Ahmad Khatami: “punish leading rioters firmly and without showing any mercy to teach everyone a lesson.” Lesson: He’s evil. #iranelection

“Death to Dictators!” is easy/…

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“Death to Dictators!” is easy/wrong. Deposing them and dealing with their crimes in a just court is hard but right. #iranelection

The White House has rescinded …

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The White House has rescinded the invitations to Iranian diplomats to attend July 4 celebrations at U.S. embassies – good! #iranelection

Obama: “When a woman gets shot…

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Obama: “When a woman gets shot in the street, that’s a problem.” And when sanctioned by the state, the govt is illegitimate #iranelection