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The E.U. wants a massive outla…

30.10.2009 (4:06 pm) – Filed under: My Tweets ::

The E.U. wants a massive outlay to reduce emissions by 2020. The U.S. should see if it kills their economy b4 acting.

Fed. judge cuts terrorist’s ja…

30.10.2009 (3:52 pm) – Filed under: My Tweets ::

Fed. judge cuts terrorist’s jail time b/c he wasn’t told where/when to pray. Civilian judges can’t handle these cases.

Genius Muslim dad runs over da…

30.10.2009 (3:32 pm) – Filed under: My Tweets ::

Genius Muslim dad runs over daughter for being too American (; wife cuts up husband for same. Wow.

Vatican says Halloween is evil…

30.10.2009 (12:43 pm) – Filed under: My Tweets ::

Vatican says Halloween is evil, scary, and unChristian. All true, but people have got to have some fun sometime.

Cold Showers and How Sometimes Liberal Guilt is Hilarious

29.10.2009 (12:53 pm) – Filed under: Environment,Liberalism,Stupidity ::

The overblown, self-important angst of some liberals is so stupid it’s painfully funny to watch.  The cold shower to this humor is the knowledge that such people will occasionally act on their feelings, motivated by their self-inflicted guilt, and attempt to force their conclusions on the rest of us.

 The latest case in point comes from Slate’s Nina Shen Rastogi, who wonders about her daily bathing habit.

I know that taking long, hot showers is an environmental no-no. But now that the weather’s getting colder, I just can’t face the day without one. Exactly how much damage am I doing to the planet?

Good grief!  Am I supposed to take a cold shower in the middle of winter to assuage Nina’s conscience?  The answer to her question is a resounding “Who cares?!”

Happily the bulk of the rest of Nina’s article focuses on the costs of heating water, flow rates, water temperatures, and the like – good, practical issues that homeowners should consider.

The reason they’re worth thinking about isn’t Nina and other liberals’ indulgent guilt, it’s because they are pocketbook issues.  Like so many other issues, that’s the only reason Americans should consider the duration of their morning ritual in the shower – the economics of the event.

Obama signs ‘hate crimes’ bill…

28.10.2009 (2:19 pm) – Filed under: My Tweets ::

Obama signs ‘hate crimes’ bill, begs the question: Is there any unconstitutional spam he won’t sign to get Dems votes?

Dick Cheney supports Kay Baile…

28.10.2009 (1:03 pm) – Filed under: My Tweets ::

Dick Cheney supports Kay Bailey Hutchison. Rick Perry’s days as Texas governor are nearing an end.

Stunning: Taxes drive people &…

28.10.2009 (12:36 pm) – Filed under: My Tweets ::

Stunning: Taxes drive people & businesses away. Of course, a modern liberal would want to force them to stay (and pay).

Questioning a stolen election …

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Questioning a stolen election may be a crime in Iran, Khameini, but God knows it will never be wrong. #iranelection

California girl’s homecoming d…

28.10.2009 (10:02 am) – Filed under: My Tweets ::

California girl’s homecoming dance ends with 2 hour gang rape. Still think there’s no use for the death penalty?