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RealClearPolitics – Election 2016 – General Election: Kasich vs. Clinton

29.03.2016 (11:17 am) – Filed under: Politics ::

So not everybody knows who John Kasich is, but if you’re a conservative whose primary is coming up, you need to find out.

When Siri Slips

29.03.2016 (11:02 am) – Filed under: Humor ::

After i-messaging back and forth with my wife, I jokingly commanded Siri to pass along this message: “You need to get back to work …

Gore Vidal

28.03.2016 (12:48 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.

Japan Just Completed Its Whale Hunt in Antarctica — And It Killed a Lot of Animals | VICE News

24.03.2016 (11:39 am) – Filed under: Politics ::

Killing whales for heritage, sport, or oil is just stupid. No other way to say it.