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France to force through contested labour reform without vote

10.05.2016 (11:28 am) – Filed under: Politics ::

The purpose of the legislative branch of government is to implement the will of the people, which is why demagogues and zealots always try to bypass or eliminate it. Last time I checked, France was a republic, of a sort.

Testing in Texas is a big fat mess — but the scores are going to count anyway

06.05.2016 (1:25 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

This is why we can’t allow government, local, state, or federal, to have too much centralized authority: They can’t admit they were wrong.

What Makes A Men’s Restroom A Men’s Restroom?

05.05.2016 (4:36 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

Answer: Penises and Adam’s Apples! That’s objective criteria, whereas liberals’ “What’s in my heart determines where I pee” mantra is patent nonsense.