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Ryan calls on Gianforte to apologize for assault, says election up to Montana voters

25.05.2017 (12:20 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

You might be a unelectable dumbass if… You start beating on reporters.

FCC website hit by attacks after ‘net neutrality’ proposal

08.05.2017 (8:56 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

Anti-Internet regulators get a taste of the medicine they deserve.

Texas governor signs into law bill to punish ‘sanctuary cities’

07.05.2017 (8:21 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

Gov. Abbot has done some things that have hurt Texans, but this is long overdue. Texas cities are duty-bound to enforce the law, whether local politicians like it or not.

Minnesota Sees Largest Outbreak of Measles in Almost 30 Years

07.05.2017 (2:01 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

Officials attribute some of the causes to unvaccinated children of Somali immigrants whose parents fell under the sway of anti-vaccination activists.” Proper vaccination should be a condition of entry to the country. Customs, after all.

Poll: Arab youth overwhelmingly disapprove of Donald Trump

03.05.2017 (1:45 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

Another data point indicating that our broken clock isn’t always wrong.

Yellow-Light Crusader Fined for Doing Math Without a License

01.05.2017 (9:56 pm) – Filed under: Politics ::

I’ve said it before: Oregonians pretend that they’re all chill, live and let live. But there’s a very real and hypocritical “Agree with us or die, scum!” streak of fascism at work in the state that’s not immediately apparent.