Mike Rowe

One of the most eloquent defenders of common sense in the U.S., Mike Rowe seems to have run afoul of the thought police at YouTube. Google, don’t be evil.

Miss America Drama

Is it a beauty pageant or a political debate? I sort of like these questions as it reveals a thoughtful character. What I dislike is that a politically correct sound bite must be given in place of a thoughtful, nuanced answer if the contestant wants to remain in contention. With years of preparation on the line, contestants literally can’t afford to tell the truth.

Sachs: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, you need to resign

Apparently it’s not too soon for Jeffery Sachs to start the political dog-pile. Of course, he ignores the real big-picture issue: Why are the majority of the country’s refineries in a hurricane-prone region? Why don’t we build more of them in places far away from Houston? Because people like Jeff Sachs won’t allow them to be built.

Black-clad antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley

Thousands of people in Houston are homeless – and some liberals say they deserve it, of all the idiocy – but the thugs in Berkeley still can’t grasp what it means to be an American. Horrifying as it is to admit, Donald Trump is the only political figure with the balls to say that there are scumbags on the fringes of the entire political spectrum.

Thousands March Against Bigotry In Boston – Political Wire

Boston Globe: “A city with a fraught racial past turned out tens of thousands of protesters Saturday for an overwhelming denunciation of racism, anti-Semitism, and religious bigotry, in a demonstration that was largely peaceful though punctuated with scuffles and some edgy nose-to-nose encounters among demonstrators.”

“On a hot, humid day, sweaty throngs on Boston Common chanted — sometimes angrily, often profanely — against Nazis, racism, the Ku Klux Klan, and fascists.”

This is the First Amendment as it should be: Both sides, one right, one wrong, making their claims without coming into violent conflict. The white supremacists will lose every time the normal people let them parade around and display their lunacy.

Doctrine Man

Exactly. There’s no need to destroy the First Amendment to shut white supremacists up. Let them talk. People will see them for the clowns they are and laugh them out of town.