July 18, 2024


Thanks for visting Black Shards Press.  We strive to present quality in everything that we do, from mobile software applications to e-book publications or op-ed opinion pieces. We recognize that the world is an inherently flawed and even dangerous place. We strive to do what we can to make it a safer, more enjoyable place in which to live. While the content and opinions expressed in our applications and web sites will not be to everyone’s tastes or satisfaction, we believe in the fundamental value of everything we present.

Mobile Content Applications

Black Shards Press offers a variety of daily content streaming applications for your mobile device. Learn more.

e-book Publishing

Black Shards Press also offers e-book publishing. Our most recent novel to hit the shelves is Accommodation (Recognition #3) by Marc Moore, a Liberty First novel.

Numerous of Black Shards Press’ short stories are available on Amazon – check out our recent short fiction offerings.

Op-Ed Blog

Over a decade ago, Black Shards Press got its start as an opinion-piece blog. While this function is largely retired, the blog archives are still available for review, as categorized on the right.

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