June 18, 2024

Barack Obama, Spendthrift

imageWhile speaking at Arizona State University, Barack Obama called on students to exercise fiscal restraint and not over-leverage themselves. Strangely, the Gateway Pundit says that’s exactly Obama did in his personal life by mortgaging his family’s home until they were well “under water”.

Reich Wrong on Social Security, Medicare


Writing about the $13T in unfunded Social Security obligations, Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor, says “Social Security is a tiny problem” and “Medicare is entirely different. It’s a monster.” Reich is right that Social Security is the lesser of two evils; however, he’s dead wrong about Social Security being a little problem.

Time for a Gay Supreme Court Justice?


Satyam Khanna says that Senator Jeff Sessions’ statement, “I think that would be a big concern that the American people might feel — might feel uneasy about that”, qualifies him as anti-gay. 

Typical Think Progress hyperbole.  Citizens might indeed be concerned about a gay member of the Supreme Court and the rulings that might stem from such an appointment.