April 18, 2024

The Necessity of Mixing God and Science


Lawrence Krauss says that God and Science don’t mix, something that our own Claudia has contended, vociferously at times. Pursuit of logic is a passion with many scientifically-minded people and the pursuit of logic – and logical explanations – can become the object of single-minded devotion. In some cases this process leads to great truths and technological advancements; in others, the forest is lost among the trees and the researcher with it. Regardless, God and science are inexplicably intertwined.

Wiley Drake Embarrasses Christians Again


When I first wrote about Wiley Drake he’d made waves by positing that God would strike Rick Warren down for speaking at President Obama’s inauguration. Unfortunately Drake has laid another, even more foul egg with which to stink up the name of Christianity, by saying that he’s actively praying for Barack Obama to die.

Infiltrating Liberty University


Unlike many incoming students at Liberty University, Kevin Roose didn’t start school merely to learn from his instructors.  Instead the Brown student went prepared to dig up material for a book deal he’d already signed to write about his experiences at Jerry Falwell’s Christian school.

My Easter Wish

crossThe fundamental tenets of the Christian faith are that Jesus was God’s son and that he rose from the dead after being crucified near Jerusalem when he was about 30 years old. My wish for today is that you’d seriously consider the matter. Happy Easter!