June 18, 2024

Thought Crimes Bill Expected to Pass House


HR 1913, the latest far-left attempt to pass special provisions for hate crimes, is expected to pass through the House of Representatives this week, perhaps even tomorrow.

Hate crimes are abominations most often carried out by dullards and xenophobes.  You know, the kind of people your parents warned you about as a youngster.  Nevertheless, all hate crimes legislation is bad legislation.

Time for Democrats to Forget Past and Lead

When Barack Obama defeated John McCain the 2008 presidential election it was said that the grownups were taking over, that his presidency would heal America’s divisions, and that his administration would be the most competent and ethical ever. None of these promises have been kept. Now politicians and the media are bickering over the interrogation issue and not paying attention to a major health crisis in the making.

The Color of Energy is Black, not Green

James Schlesinger and Robert Hirsch got real today at the Washington Post, laying out in plain language the fact that energy production is more black than green and will be for the foreseeable future. It’s fine to talk about wind and solar as supplemental energy sources. In this context it makes sense to invest in them, but strategically, not as an all-in plan to replace the fossil-fuel-driven electric grid.

Infiltrating Liberty University


Unlike many incoming students at Liberty University, Kevin Roose didn’t start school merely to learn from his instructors.  Instead the Brown student went prepared to dig up material for a book deal he’d already signed to write about his experiences at Jerry Falwell’s Christian school.

Of a Congressman and Term Limits


I recently had about ninety seconds alone with Congressman John Culberson, the Republican representative from Texas district 7, which includes the west Houston area, and used the opportunity to ask him about congressional term limits.

“What do you stay to those who believe that term limits are necessary to restore representative government to our republic?”  I asked.

The Travails of Citizen Journalism


I attended the Houston tea party on April 15th and came away with some nice pictures of the protesters signs/messages, some good audio clips that I’ve now posted, and a new respect for field journalism when it is practiced well.

Of course journalism isn’t always done right, as CNN’s Susan Roesgen showed us in no uncertain terms. So how did my venture into the field go?