June 18, 2024


What is Black Shards? It’s a place for highlighting, with appropriate measures of certainty and humility, the rights and wrongs of our world.

It’s a voice in the noise, far beneath the threshold of importance for the important, but beholden to only one ideology: the truth.

It’s a dot on the radar, a spot on the web, shards of dark obsidian in the eyes of those who think they possess the right to both dictate the questions and supply the answers.

The Authors

Marc is a systems analyst who has worked in the technology field for almost 20 years in both the public and private sectors and as a consultant. In his copious spare time Marc is an amateur fiction writer and father of 3 amazing children. He enjoys alternative Christian music, playing cards with friends, the all-too-rare good movie, and sports of all varieties.

Dan is an IT Manager who has been working in the technology sector for 20 years. A graduate of University of Houston, Dan’s passions lie first and foremost with his responsibilities as a father to two great sons, and a husband to a wonderful woman. In his free time, hobbies include computer gaming, model railroading, R/C aircraft. Whatever time is left over is devoted to sleep, good sci/fi and the only true sport there is – football!