June 17, 2024

The West’s Moral Imperative on Iran

Charles Krauthammer’s latest re the standoff in Iran is an absolute must-read. Those who advise President Obama to equivocate now, at a crucial moment in history, must believe – mistakenly – that there can be a meaningful dialogue with the current government in Tehran on the subject of nuclear weapons and terrorism. But as Krauthammer says, the hope that non-confrontationalist appeasement will ever wring any important compromises from the pitiless regime that rules Iran is a chimera.

Why Iranians are Still in the Streets


Two days ago I wrote that all people, in every nation around the world, are born with the inalienable right to elect their own government. The Declaration of Indepdence also indicates that we have the right to dissolve the state. The government of Iran has rejected this right, which is why the people refuse to be driven off the streets.