July 23, 2024

The Travails of Citizen Journalism


I attended the Houston tea party on April 15th and came away with some nice pictures of the protesters signs/messages, some good audio clips that I’ve now posted, and a new respect for field journalism when it is practiced well.

Of course journalism isn’t always done right, as CNN’s Susan Roesgen showed us in no uncertain terms. So how did my venture into the field go?

Misunderstanding Want and Need in Media, Life


Jane Hamsher’s busy keeping that lefty blogger no-one-wants-to-pay-us-for-our-hard-work theme going. News flash – if a customer can get your services for free then they’re going to do that. Unhappy? Try to charge them for your services. If your work is valued then they’ll meet your price. If not, well, you don’t have a sustainable business model, do you? That’s what the AP will find out if they keep going down the road they’re going.