May 30, 2024

Democratic Party, Public Enemy

There’s some buzz that says Public Enemy will be playing a gig at the Democratic Party’s National Convention.  Sounds like a perfect match to me!

Chuck D:

“We’re at a transition point where we have a black man who might be president. You’re starting to see all the ugliness come out, the lies and stuff,” he said. “My position is to be at the DNC in support of change. … In my heart I don’t want John McCain to win. I know Barack Obama will bring about change no matter what.”

That’s it – change no matter what.  No regard for whether it’s actually good for the country or not.  If it feels good – fair, in Obama-speak – do it.  Facts – and taxes – don’t matter.

Obama-mania is fading, though, and Peggy Noonan knows why:

Why is it a real race now, with John McCain rising in the polls and Barack Obama falling? There are many answers, but here I think is an essential one: The American people have begun paying attention.

Now that they are, what have they seen?  Barack Obama splitting hairs over abortion and possibly having Public Enemy introduce him to the nation as the Democratic candidate for president.  Please, let it be so!


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