June 17, 2024

Obama’s Friendships and Mentors are Important

Mark Levin writes:

We choose our own friends and associates. And this is significant in Obama’s case in particular as we are trying to get a sense of who he is and what informs him.  Obama is asking the nation to honor him with its highest office.  Yet, during most of his adulthood, he has befriended some of the worst kind of people – many of whom detest the nation Obama seeks to lead.  And when combined with Obama’s own extremism on issue after issue (is there a left-wing position he does not embrace?), there can be no doubt that an Obama administration working with a Democrat majority in Congress will fundamentally alter the nation’s character is was that will be very difficult to unravel.

That’s really the problem with an Obama administration: The changes they propose – and the changes they don’t dare to mention aloud – coupled with a rollover Democratic Congress amount to a frightening prospect.

Why is it that these relationships are off-limits?


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