July 23, 2024

Mexican Police Tag Vandals – Excelente!

Police in Monterrey, Mexico know how to handle teenaged vandals in their town – literally spray-painting their stupid butts as a form of public embarrassment. 

Four teenagers say police in a northern Mexican town spray-painted their hair, shoes and buttocks to teach them not to paint graffiti on public property.

Hey, the punishment fits the crime.  The punks’ immediate, self-indulgent, entitlement-inured response?  Can you say lawsuit?  Of course you can!

Emilio Alfaro of Nuevo Leon state’s Human Rights Commission said Thursday the youths have filed a complaint alleging that police in Guadalupe slapped, kicked and painted them with spray cans after detaining them for vandalism.

Darn shame, that.  Police in London might be well-advised to take lessons from their compadres in Mexico in lieu of the politically correct sensitivity training they’ve been getting.


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