April 24, 2024

A Phoenix in the Ashes

Michael at the PoliGazette has embarked on a couple of exciting opportunities in his native country of The Netherlands, one of which landed him on national TV there today.  Congrats to Michael for his hard-earned and well-deserved success!

Michael’s summary call to action for his countrymen is simply this: "Let’s conservatize this country!". 

This is a great message that could serve equally well in the United States as a rallying cry for conservatives and libertarians to come together and reclaim this country.  Doing so won’t be easy.  While they agree on many fronts, conservatives and libertarians do not always see eye-to-eye on important issues such as drug legalization and the use of the military.

This was made clear to me yesterday during a conversation with a Christian friend with whom I often agree.  I wasn’t surprised to hear that his is giving Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt for the moment.  This is a wise choice, in my view, particularly since we seem to have little choice.

However, I was flabbergasted to hear him say that he felt as though it was time for the liberals to "have their say" in governing the country, particularly with regard to the court systems.  I was literally stunned to silence.  While those on the left would undoubtedly agree with my friend, additional movement to the left on the part of our courts is the last thing this country needs.

Judicial activism is rampant at all levels of the justice system and the Supreme Court is hardly immune.  Indeed, liberal excesses such as the 1960s Affirmative Action and the 1970s Roe v. Wade are still in place, upheld by the high court’s rulings, many of which are based on what can only be called dubious interpretations of the Constitution.  This despite the fact that Republicans have controlled the White House during most of the last 30 years.  Do liberals "deserve" even more control over the judiciary branch?  Absolutely not.

That’s why it’s imperative that libertarians and conservatives find ways to work through contentious issues and form a coalition based on traditional, Constitutional values in order to restore what remains of the social fabric of this country, the strongest threads of which have been severely damaged by the left’s misguided, radical takeover of the social agenda.

We’ll have to compromise in order to get along.  That’s never easy.  I understand completely.  But there are worse things for a libertarian that compromising with a conservative.  For instance, perhaps we could agree to legalize marijuana while continuing to prohibit hard drugs.  Or perhaps we could scale back Roe to allow abortion only during the first trimester.  Hard choices, for sure, but it’s better than sitting on the sidelines watching the Democrats destroy this country.

If a comprehensive set of conservative/libertarian/moderate compromises can be accomplished, perhaps the phoenix that is America will rise again from the ashes left behind by the liberal left’s burning down of personal responsibility, the Christian church, marriage, and the nuclear family.  If not, the fire that burns in the belly of many Americans will go out completely, for liberalism offers nothing but all-consuming, destructive change that will stop only when there is nothing left to burn.


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