June 16, 2024

Quote of the Day – re Union Card Check Rules

Teamsters chief Jimmy Hoffa Jr.: 

“Since when is the secret ballot a basic tenet of democracy?”

Uhhm, since forever is my immediate response.  That’s not really true, naturally.  But it has been an essential principle of our country since it became apparent what pressures were always brought to bear whenever the secret ballot was not used.

Salem witch hunts anyone?  That’s essentially what’s happening in Washington with the liberals’ proposed changes to the Card Check rules – the abolition of anyone who doesn’t want increased unionization, by whatever means.

Having worked in a union shop I feel qualified to say that it stunk, from beginning to end and top to bottom.  The last thing this country needs is to return to the days of fetid corruption when Hoffa’s father ran the Teamsters.

h/t Mark Steyn


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