May 30, 2024

Death Penalty Revisited

The horrific murder of a Texas co-ed at the hands of an obsessed ex-boyfriend and a report of an even more sickening fate suffered by an innocent 6 year-old boy have been lodged in my psyche as if the stories were shards of glass blasted into my mind’s eye.

I’ve read a lot lately about the polarization of the U.S.A. between liberal and conservative, black, white, and hispanic, and even north/south/east/west. I don’t doubt that it’s true. But because of cases like these I doubt that these divisions can be ameliorated.

Why? Because as long as there are people cowardly and insipid enough to believe that the perpetrators of these crimes deserve anything less than speedy trials and executions I will never back down from my position. Because I am right – with both certainty and vengeance – and they are wrong. There is no middle ground, no room for compromise so far as I am concerned. What their feelings are, I could not care less.

Strong words? Actually, to be honest with myself I have to go one step farther. American society affords her citizens the right to hold whatever opinions we choose and to demand representation in the government. That liberals choose to court the felon/murder/rapist vote is their decision. It’s a free country, after all.

However, to the extent that these people influence public policy they are an offense to me and no lawmaker who supports their cause will ever get my vote – unless even higher-priority issues are in conflict with our fundamental need to purge evil men from our society. For the record, there are damn few political issues of such magnitude.

The death penalty is a liberal/conservative issue and could serve as a prime example of why I say that liberals have lost their reform-oriented mindset and have resorted to playing politics with people’s lives – if I wanted to go there. But I don’t, today, so I’ll just state is my opinion is such.

No, today I want to rub their noses in their own piss. That a convicted child molester is allowed to strike again and with the explicit cooperation of the rapist’s own parents speaks of complete and utter failure in the the justice system.

Fundamentally this failure is one of the relativistic philosophy espoused by liberals. You know it, it’s the one that says that criminals are not responsible for their actions, that their prior experiences can justify the most heinous crimes, and that society’s right to exist in safety is trumped by their right to exist.

From Sister Toldjah’s comments:

benning: The innocent days of my youth – the 50s and early 60s – are gone forever. Was a time when my friends and I would wander all around the neighborhood… Today I would never let my child wander off, if I had one. Because the innocent days are gone forever.

NC Cop: Another baby. May God forgive us all.

PCD: These cases are more evidence that members of the ACLU ought to be deported, disbarred, and stripped of voting rights when they support NAMBLA, and other such perverts.

Yes, those days are gone. Whether that means forever or not remains to be seen. We could return this country to a better way of life, but it would not be easy or popular.

To NC Cop I say, “Right on, brother!” What we need to be forgiven for is that we’ve allowed our society to decay. PCD gives this partial voice by calling out the ACLU and their ilk. That we’ve allowed people who care so little for justice and so much about skin color to warp our justice system is itself a crime, a crime against the future, and one that every one of us who fails to act against them is guilty of abetting.

After all, Tynesha didn’t ask to be murdered, dismembered, and cooked over a grill. A man with no regard for himself or anyone else did this thing – deliberately, hatefully, spitefully – because he had no regard for her existence. His twisted, animal logic was that if he could not possess this female object then she could not be allowed to live.

In other words, her ex-boyfriend believed with such absolute certainty that he was entitled to her subservience to him that she could not be allowed to live if that submission was not granted. Evidently it was not and so he cut her into little pieces.

The actions of killers such as these cannot be obscured by fancy verbiage or linguistic sleight-of-hand. The American People have been dazzled by fast-talking liberal intellectuals for too long. One would hope that little Christopher’s grotesque end would be a hard, cold slap in the face of the elitist know-it-alls and that they would renounce their inane positions and begin to work for justice instead.

That will never happen, I’m afraid.


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