May 21, 2024

Re: The Unambiguous Meaning of the Cross

Steve Benen finally gets something right when he says that the meaning of the cross the VFW put up in the New Mexico desert some 75 years ago is unambiguous.  Too bad he doesn’t have a clue that the crystal-clear meaning is the purpose and meaning of the country he lives in.

Doltish liberals like Benen have already caused the vet’s memorial to be covered over in plywood, a shameful action in itself, but their hatred of Christianity doesn’t stop there.

Take careful note of my word choices in that last sentence, for it is hatred that motivates the lefty-rads on this issue.  How can I be so certain?  Seems that a compromise has been offered such that 5 acres of currently private land would be exchanged for 1 acre around the cross in the Mojave.

The rejection of that offer by a San Francisco, California-based appeals court is itself sufficient to prove my point.  The uber-left makes themselves out to be the protectors of the Constitution in regard to church/state issues, but by refusing this reasonable compromise they demonstrate their true motivations: the banishment of Christianity from public view and ultimately from American life.


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