May 28, 2024

Schoolgirl Bullies

It’s shades of the Glenbrook Girls all over again, only the new girls from hell are so proud of what they’re doing that they’re uploading the videos to the Internet.

Last month in New Jersey, a girl was stalked and deliberately attacked by multiple female schoolmates and beaten outside a school gym. “It was brutal,” said Detective Jim Ryan. Later, not content with assaulting the girl, the teen queens repeatedly harassed the victim and spread her humiliation through the school by uploading a video of the beating to the Internet.

Only days later, a new gang of schoolgirl thugs got themselves in trouble by assaulting a much younger girl, taping their violent, inane actions, and posting the the event on the Internet.

It’s disgusting to see young girls acting out violent acts unworthy of civilized individuals. With all of the advantages that Americans have – even the poorest of us live lives that most of the world envies – why are these girls acting like brutish little sub-humans?

Perhaps a better question is: Why are we surprised when this happens? Young Americans live in a society where consequences are essentially non-existent.

The perspective of too many American teens:

  • Fail to do your school work and earn a failing grade? It doesn’t matter. You’ll get a pass up to the next grade level.
  • Scream at a teacher and you might, if you play your cards right, get a day’s vacation from school. Great! You’ll be back and just as full of piss and vinegar as ever. The teacher, underpaid and under-appreciated, is probably that much closer to a career change.
  • Get knocked up? Have an abortion. No problem.
  • Jealous of some kid’s sneakers? Knife him and walk off in his shoes while he bleeds. Juvie law’s got your back.

The truth is that it’s our fault, the adults, for not raising them properly. Parents seem to have less and less of an ability to control their kids every day. It’s embarrassing to watch as little Judy screams at her mother in public and the woman who ought to correct the child’s insolence either ignores or tries to mollify the bratty kid.

But what can the mother do? If someone catches her spanking the child it’s she who will be arrested and put on trial, not the misbehaving child. We’ve deified the child, even as we abort and molest their at hideous rates, to the point that parents no longer know how to fulfill their most important responsibility.

We’ve been told and re-told, by newspapers, television, and books that it’s wrong to correct aberrant behavior by punishing the action. Our reward for listening is a generation of children with little or no discipline and no respect for authority. Why should we be surprised by stories like the ones linked to above? It should be expected given our failure to teach them how to be human.


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