April 24, 2024

What About Creed?

Against all probability, Jonah Weiner somehow manages to praise the reunion of the band Creed, whose song ‘With Arms Wide Open’ should be in any serious person’s list of top 10 rock songs with a point, and mock Christianity in the same article:

If your impulse on hearing that it has reunited is to groan, stifle it long enough to locate a copy of Creed’s 2004 Greatest Hits collection. It’s a fantastic baker’s dozen of first-rate schlock-rock, courtesy of one of the most underrated and unfairly maligned groups in pop history.

From the start, critical gatekeepers dismissed the band as derivative blowhards with a self-righteous Christian agenda

Creed’s sound was very similar to that of Pearl Jam in particular; however, where PJ went squishy and liberal – something more to Weiner’s liking, I must suppose – Creed’s music had a purpose.  If that’s too righteous for the hipsters at Slate, so be it.


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