April 24, 2024

Planned Parenthood Director Reverses Course, Embraces Life

After working as the director of Planned Parenthood’s operation in Bryan, Texas for more than 2 years, Abby Johnson recently left her position there.  But her change of direction is more profound than merely changing employers.  In fact, Abby has changed sides in the battle over abortion.

“It seemed like maybe that’s not what a lot of people were believing any more because that’s not where the money was. The money wasn’t in family planning, the money wasn’t in prevention, the money was in abortion and so I had a problem with that,” said Johnson.

Many people do, particularly because Planned Parenthood receives a considerable part of its funding from government sources, then uses that money to provide abortion services. 

While that is a major sticking point for those who oppose Planned Parenthood, it is not the fundamental issue.  Abortion, pro-life advocates say, should not be performed in this country except, perhaps, in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is in immediate danger.  The issue over funding, while legitimate, is not primary among their concerns.  As with Ms. Johnson, it’s abortion itself that is the problem.

What will Abby Johnson do next?  It’s unclear what she will do for work at the moment, but she’s made the decision to join Bryan’s Coalition for Life, an anti-abortion group that aims to counter Planned Parenthood’s influence in the community.

CoL’s web site leads with a story about Abby Johnson, saying:

This is by far the most amazing thing that has happened to the Coalition for Life throughout its entire history…we thank God!

The site also has this blurb and a picture of a newborn saved from abortion:

We recently received report of a life saved from abortion. The mom said that she chose life for her child because of all the volunteers out there praying for her and because of a Sidewalk Counselor who reached out to her.

Perhaps that’s why Abby Johnson can look ahead with hope after spending 2 years in one of the most morally ambiguous businesses in America.

Johnson said she realized she wanted to leave, after watching an ultrasound of an abortion procedure.

“I feel so pure in heart (since leaving). I don’t have this guilt, I don’t have this burden on me anymore that’s how I know this conversion was a spiritual conversion.”

More power to her.  Regardless of your position on the subject of abortion, you have to give Abby Johnson credit for following her own conscience.  In a word in which we too often align ourselves socially and politically without thinking – and without changing – the sight of a woman who recognizes that she’s doing something dreadfully wrong and reverses the course of her life is inspiring.


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2 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Director Reverses Course, Embraces Life

  1. your an hypocrit rant and rant about the righteouness of the death penalty then prentend its no less of taking a life than abortion. Thats the thing about you morons you can never justify morally,philosphically or otherwise its just because you can kill, and want to dictate when others do it-despite you genuinely not hiving a rats ass about children unless they happen to fall into the obvious trap of criminality or god forbid liberality. Juat die the world needs less of you!

  2. Dear yoranidiot: I can spell and do math, whereas you seemingly lack the ability to do either, so which of us is the idiot? You incorrectly assume that death penalty advocates don’t recognize that its implementation means terminating a life. It does indeed; however, the murderer gave his or her assent to the punishment upon committing the crime. Moreover, consider if you can the fact the the unborn child is innocent and has no voice in the ending of its life. Neither is true of the man-killer on death row.

    My suggestion for you would be remedial schooling in the 3 R’s and a rigorous course in logic.

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