May 29, 2024

Movie Review: New Moon

Having enjoyed its predecessor, New Moon is a disappointment. Much like Bridget Jones 2, the sequel to Twilight lacks the offbeat charm of the first movie in the series. For one thing, the pace is far too slow, causing what should be an entertaining movie to drag in many places.

Moreover, the continuity of the story line isn’t great either. Cuts were obviously made in the editing room. Perhaps this is something to be grateful for – the film was too long as it was. But the lack of flow is glaringly obvious in several places and it hurts.

Worst of all, the interpersonal chemistry that sparked Twilight isn’t there either, which isn’t surprising given that Edward is off the screen for most of the too-long flick. Granted, the story line has already been laid down by the books, but it never helps to have your star out of the action for long.

The surprise ending sets us up for another episode next year, but how interesting will it be? Underworld has already covered the terrority the Twilight series is venturing into – do we need to go there again?


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