May 21, 2024

Pushing Back on Islam

As I recently wrote in “Assimilating Islam“, I believe it’s important that Americans and our justice system establish clear lines about what we will and will not allow to take place vis-a-vis the Islamic-ification of this country. It’s also quite tricky as our systems have a built-in preference for freedom of association, religion, and speech. These are things that virtually all Americans agree are good – until a potential enemy begins to exploit them for malevolent purposes.

I am not suggesting that we do away with our freedoms. But I do believe it’s time that Americans consider exactly what it is that makes us Americans and insist that our legal and social systems, which exist to protect American and her citizens, uphold those principles.

There’s been some discussion at Black Shards recently about whether America was intended to be a Christian, deist, or secular nation. Like the greater debate over this issue it was not completely resolved here, although some interesting points were made. What is clear is that the idea of freedom of religion is intended to protect peaceful, law-abiding Americans and their churches and beliefs from unwarranted intrusion by the government.

This does not mean that religious beliefs must be accepted in all of their forms, however. For instance, it is not legal to have multiple wives or marry children in the United States, regardless of what your religion is. Nor is it legal to conspire against the U.S. and/or her citizens, regardless of what your prophet/dog/TV is telling you to do.

This, of course, is where the link to Islam comes into play. I used to ponder where the moderate Muslims were and why they, specifically their religious leaders, weren’t demanding that al Qaeda, etc., stop terrorizing their own people. Time has passed, however, and it’s become clear to all but the most determined ostriches that Islam, as a governing and military system, is a full-fledged enemy of democracy and the U.S.

It still remains to be seen whether the religious aspect of Islam will turn fully against the West and demand an all-out jihad against our way of life. I suspect that it will, in the end, do exactly that. But we’re not there yet and the reason for that is simple: we are stronger than they are right now. The question is, will we stay that way?

My answer to this question is: No, not if we continue to de-Westernize ourselves to appease Islamic radicals who are already living and agitating in the West. This is happening to a frightening extent in England, France, and The Netherlands, to name a few nations friendly to the U.S. that are, if not under siege, being deliberately weakened from the inside by Islamic activists who are being encouraged to exploit the freedoms found in these countries and promote the Islamic agenda. Which is? Sharia, in a word.

Here at home a case of an American daring to push back against Islam has finally made the press:

Rodney Wright, who is Christian, claims the relocation of the Islamic Center of South Florida to a new, larger building in his Pompano Beach neighborhood “presents a substantial harm to the well-being, safety and health” of the community.

The lawsuit claims the leader of the mosque, Imam Hassan Sabri, has repeatedly been associated with others who are tied to terrorist groups including Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The connections outlined in the filing appear loose and there is no accusation of direct wrongdoing.

Based on this article, Wright’s case appears to be weak. He is also represented by Larry Klayman, a lawyer known for attacking public figures. As such, this is probably not the case that we look to as the model for the future. But it is a beginning and it will be interesting to see how things proceed. Predictably Muslim apologists are already commenting

“I’m very much disturbed that in this day and age you’d find people going to such extreme measures to prevent a house of worship from being built in any American city,” said Altaf Ali, executive director of the South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit. “I look at this as an act of religious intimidation.”

CAIR is, of course, a primary sponsor of Muslim activism in the U.S. Many have accused CAIR of being sponsoring and promoting terrorism here and abroad. It can be said with certainty that the organization is no friend to or promoter of American values. There is no doubt that it exists to create, support, and increase Muslim influence within North America. As such it must be countered as a political and social force by more than Rodney Wright.

Inherent in Wright’s complaint and CAIR’s response is the question of legitimate religious freedom. Ali is quite correct in that houses of worship have traditionally been protected in this country. That should continue so long as American laws and cultural mores are observed and respected.

Many, many Muslims are fine people who make fine friends, neighbors, and countrymen. This fact is not and will not be challenged on this site. But moderate Muslims’ inability to conquer the hatred in their families, religious leaders, and faith makes them suspect. Thus far virtually nothing has been done to challenge the move of Islam toward the radical. This is why we should all be watching Wright’s challenge to their encroachment into his neighborhood as well as being vigilant about protecting our own.


Pam over at Atlas Shrugs (love the book, BTW) offers a specific case of where and why we need to resist Islamic influence.


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