July 23, 2024

The Face of Stupidity

Want to see the poster-boy for asinine, mindless thug behavior? Look no further than this Candadian fool whose team lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup at home in Vancouver.


Matt Gurney, a member of the editorial board for The National Post chain of newspapers, says the entire nation was embarrassed by the riots and the international attention it has attracted.

“There’s nothing cultural about Vancouver that could explain this. It’s not a rough industrial city,” he says. “It takes a lot to provoke a Canadian so when the rest of us are looking at them and saying, ‘You people are idiots,’ they have to concede the point.”


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One thought on “The Face of Stupidity

  1. I am so saddened by this – I am a Vancouverite, and yes, I am sad canucks lost…these were not hockey fans, they are just a bunch of idiots that came with a mission to destroy…and mix that with booze, and it is lethal…I thought maybe they would have learnt something after the 1994 riots, we were just starting to rebuild trust, look at our Olypics…and these idiots ruin it for the rest of us…I don’t feel the police did enough..the crowd was in control, not the police…why? I hope the rest of the world does not think we are all like that, because we are not, it’s a small percent…but I as so ashamed to even say i am from Vancouver…never use to be that way..

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