May 20, 2024

Men’s Golf is for Men

Vijay Singh says Annika Sorenstam doesn’t belong in a men’s PGA Tour event and he’s absolutely right. If Tiger Woods wants to play from the ladies tees, NOW would burst a collective blood vessel.

Unfortunately, Vijay seems to have caught some flack and has backed off of his stance, somewhat. But he’s right on the money. Unless the PGA is planning to be a unisex league, Annika needs to play her own game.

Here’s a recent poll on the matter:

What do you think of Vijay Singh’s assertion that Annika Sorenstam doesn’t belong in the Colonial field?

He’s right, she should stick to LPGA events 42%

He’s right, but he shouldn’t have said it 23%

He’s wrong, the PGA Tour is for the world’s best golfers regardless of gender 26%

He’s wrong, and she’ll prove him wrong next week 8%

Number of votes: 8,980

Seems like he’s in the right. But then I knew that all along.


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