June 18, 2024

Suburban Bitches From Hell

By now I’m sure everyone’s heard about the high-school girls from hell. One of the major networks was showing the home video footage of those crazy bitches fighting like gutter animals, I don’t remember which one, and it was pretty vile shit, no pun intended. Here’s a forum that opened to discuss the matter.

Here’s the results of an NBC poll: Should the teenagers involved in the hazing incident be criminally charged?
Yes – 21760 votes – 93%
No – 1615 – 7%

Lots of questions spring to mind, of which these are a few:

1) Who raised these little assholes? It’s all well and good to talk about the principal of the high school and what he knew, but the fact is that these useless bitches have parents who ought to be jailed right along with their ill-gotten spawn.

2) Who are the 7% of Americans who think what these cunts did was OK? I’ll bet most of them are like-minded high school freaks who would have loved to have been there cracking heads and busting ribs with the rest of the animals.

3) What’s Osama Bin Laden think of this shit? I’ll bet he’s eating it up big-time. Why? Because it proves his point. Americans are immoral, sadistic, perverted sons-of-bitches who should be wiped off the face of the Earth. Judging from this display of petulant teenage hooliganism, he’s not far wrong. Of course, these pampered, cruel strumpets don’t represent much of our population, but it’s still too much by far.

4) What will happen to the futures of the ringleaders and participants in this criminal assault? Public reaction will force criminal charges and some will be convicted. Sentences will probably be lighter than what is deserved because of the “fine upstanding citizens” involved. Most will move on with their lives as if nothing happened. Colleges will accept them, they will get jobs, and move on. Or not. Any of these criminals that has been accepted to a college should have that acceptance revoked. Scholarships awarded to these disgusting creeps should be recinded. For once, the term “criminal justice” should mean just that.

5) Who raised these fucking assholes?? It always comes back to that. Mom and Dad ought to be thrown in the clink along with Muffy the junior-slayer. That’s a punishment that fits the crime, friends. Raise a criminal, get treated like a criminal. You heard it here first. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this filter into law in my lifetime.

But the fact is that we’re talking about children who have everything, have wanted for nothing, care nothing for anything or anyone, have never earned anything, have no regard for anything, have never accomplished anything, and deserve nothing but the book of law between the eyes.

Raised right or wrong, these idiotic, stupid bitches decided on their own to act as vile as the worst war criminal, to be as brutal as the worst terrorist, to display the same morality as a cold-blooded killer. They decided to do that and their response to the rest of us is “fuck you”.

No, fuck them.


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