June 16, 2024

Recession = Do it Yourself

I’ve been scraping paint off of my house for a total of about 14 hours in the last couple of days. Technically I can afford to have this type of labor done for me, but for how long? The IT sector is sucking wind. Why? Companies simply do not want to spend money on IT projects.

I am presently engaged at Dilbertian Oil, Inc. DOI just had their IT budget cut by 50% in February. This is a company with at least two systems for everything and the kitchen sink. This is owing to the merger that created DOI out of two smaller DOIs, one of whom had just merged with a third DOI. So there’s 2 and 3 of everything and nothing is integrated. Seems like DOI would want to INCREASE the IT budget over the next year or two, not SLASH it.

But no, such is not the case. Instead of developing a new application to meet their business needs, DOI has elected to marry the ghastly A.C. of previous discussions and implement a packaged solution created in a technology that saw its better days in the mid 1990s.

I fear for my job, therefore I scrape my own house. Another painter is put out of work, Home Depot stock falls and they don’t expand to Palookaville, AK. The recession continues.


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