May 29, 2024

Texas A&M Basketball

Question for all of the Texas A&M alumns who’ll be watching the NCAA Final Four this weekend – why does A&M suck at basketball year after year?

It’s bad enough that I have to watch those (short) ‘Horns from t.u. being ranked in the top 10 and winning all seaon long. Now they are in the FF and IMHO, they are the favorite to win it all.

Meanwhile, A&M has a new arena and a continued trend of not doing anything worth mentioning.

But the ultimate insult is that Texas Tech has managed to create a basketball program from nothing more than Lubbock cow chips. Of course, they hired a real coach and the results show.

Recently, A&M seems to be a school more interested in distancing itself from its traditions than anything else. The last thing TAMU should be doing is making itself into a t.u. wannabe. Creating an unique environment would bring a quality to the university that sets it apart from the rest. That would help to bring in talent, both academically and athletically.


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