July 18, 2024

Martha Burk is a Fool

Something that irked me like crazy all of last year has recently poked its foolish little head back to the surface: the National Council of Women’s Organizations — led by chairwoman Martha Burk — and Jesse Jackson are still attempting to bully Augusta National golf club into admitting a female member. As anyone with a lick of common sense will tell you, there’s no reason on Earth why a private club should admit anyone they care not associate with.

With the war in Iraq, the aforementioned browbeaters are keeping a lower profile that they would otherwise. But make no mistake: Burk wants to jam this vendetta down Augusta’s throat, no matter what the majority of Americans think. Now, the only reason this issue garnered attention in the first place is that the press is biased towards Burk’s position.

Witness USA Today. In their own poll, they found “the overwhelming majority supporting Augusta National’s position”. Yet this paper published a piece in which all four of their writers took the opposing point of view. No supporting argument was considered. The moral of the story: think, make up your own mind, then consider the media’s position. Not the other way around.


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