May 20, 2024

Republican Rivals to President Trump?

My answer to a rather frivolous question on Quora:  “I don’t really like Trump, but I am conservative. Why are all the Republicans supporting Trump? Are there not any other candidates?

Not in the sense that matters. If he had made major blunders that caused economic decline, foreign policy disasters, or engaged in an unsupported war overseas, President Trump *might* have become vulnerable to a Republican challenger. Since none of those things happened, yet at least, he is the unchallenged – and unchallengeable – leader of the Republican party for the 8 months and, quite possibly, another 4 years after that. Even after he leaves office (which he will, sorry conspiracy theorists), his influence with, on, and through social media will influence Republican policy as long as he stays actively engaged.

One takeaway from this is that there is no better time to get involved with a grassroots, 3rd party movement at the local level. An easy way to get started might be to engage with the Libertarian party, which has at least some organizational structure and name recognition.


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