May 28, 2024

Election 2020

In 2016, I watched Donald Trump dominate the debates with Hillary Clinton with a sick sense in my gut. Mostly that was the booze I’d swilled like Prohibition was coming back, but there was something more. That something came to pass on election night.

Slow-forward through the misery of the last four years to 2020 and I’m getting the same sensation. This time I’ve strategically limited myself to a single G&T, so there’s no danger of losing my dinner again.

Stranger still, I find myself marginally invested in President Trump. After much oscillation, I checked his box rather than Jo Jorgensen’s for a single reason: The enemy of my enemies is my friend.

And make no mistake, Nancy Pelosi and her ilk are enemies of the pillars of the American way of life that have existed, with a few aberrant periods, since the founding of this country: individual rights, economic opportunity, freedom of/from religion. The new Democrats cannot be trusted with any of these elements, let alone all of them.

So vote for possibly the worst president in history we must.

As evidence, note that she-who-shall-not-be-named – AOC – has won re-election. A singularly reprehensible individual, the congresswoman would be a sure-fire loser here in Texas, where I am blessed to live. New Jersey? Get a rope!

(No, thought police, that’s not a threat. It’s what we Texans call humor, by way of quoting an old Pace picante sauce advertisement. one that eloquently encapsulates what Texans think of Joisey and its neighbors.)

Another sign of our silly, celebrity-driven times is the Senate election in Alabama, in which former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville has the seat sown up.

In his victory speech, Tuberville promised “fight like heck against Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, AOC.”

“We can turn far left and embrace the doctrine of socialism in the next few years,” Tuberville said. “Or we can point toward the American Dream, which is freedom, liberty and opportunity for all.”

A fools-ball coach (The Waterboy with Adam Sandler) isn’t exactly my first choice for a U.S. Senator. But if Tuberville lives up to his word, he might grow on me. If nothing else, he’s got the right enemies in his sights.

If Biden wins and the Democrats control both houses of Congress, this country is in for one heck of a bumpy ride down the trail forged by our friends the French. Judging from their recent history, the destination isn’t so good.

If Trump wins and/or the Republicans hang on to the Senate, we’ll be in for four more years of liberal anarchy, in the government and in the streets.

This is what comes of handing out too many participation trophies and not enough corporal punishment. Having never learned how to accept losing, liberals’ tantrums are a sad display of their core values: our way or we’ll make your lives hell.

Whatever the morning brings, it isn’t going to be good.

Here’s the thing I can’t get past: In a country of over 300 million people, Trump, Biden, Pelosi, and McConnel cannot possibly be the best leaders among us.

Challenge: Considering only people you know personally, write down a list of those who you believe would do a better job representing us.

I’ll bet I could get at least 50, and the same for every one of you.

Think about that: What could be possible if we fixed the system from the inside?


Marc is a software developer, writer, and part-time political know-it-all who currently resides in Texas in the good ol' U.S.A.

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