April 18, 2024

Life and Death in Houston

Watch out for your children in Hockley, Texas. It seems that some people, and here I’m talking about those who persist in owning dangerous dogs, cannot be taught new tricks.

What will it take to convice these dim-wits that these animals have no place in human society?Naturally it takes a real tragedy for the obvious to penetrate their thick skulls.

A friend owns an american bulldog that has been known to be aggressive for several years. Recently it attacked and killed a full-grown black lab that I had given him two years ago. When I asked him if he intended to shoot the dog, I was stunned when he replied negatively. This man has a one year-old toddler to care for.

I can’t understand the value system that’s involved, and frankly I don’t care to. I’m afraid that whatever they’ve got might rub off on me.

Judge Saves Oak Tree

“To kill one of these trees in order to lay a telephone cable is wrong,” Judge Davidson said, noting that the tree could easily be 90 years old or more.

If there’s anything downtown Houston needs, it’s more trees. Nice going, Judge.


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