May 30, 2024

3rd World Trump Protest

Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., says it all about today’s pro-Trump protests:

“This is Banana Republic crap that we’re watching right now,” said Gallagher, who had spoken out against objections from fellow Republicans to certifying the Electoral College vote that Biden won.

What we’re witnessing is some serious 3rd-World Shit. Are we suddenly living in Venezuela here?

Bring in the tear gas and pepper spray, run the mob out of the capitol building, and start the impeachment process.

That’s what it’s come to.

Republicans, respect the election process, accept the outcomes, and try to do better next time. If you can, after this fiasco.

Democrats, don’t be smug. You brought this s**t down on us by fueling the riots earlier in the year.


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