May 30, 2024

Stinkers of the Day

O.J. Simpson’s New Book
“If I Did It” may be the truest thing the smug bastard’s said in years.  Can’t wait to not read it!

On a personal note, I got some benefit out of the case – it taught me what it really means to be a racial bigot.  In those days I worked near Greenspoint Mall in Houston.  (For out-of-towners, this is substantially a minority part of town commonly referred to as the “Gunspoint” area.)

I was at Circuit City for some reason, probably ogling a computer I couldn’t afford, when the O.J. verdict came in.  So I crowded around the big screen with the rest of folks and we’re all in there watching, no race, creed, or color.  Then the not guilty verdict is announced.  Next to me, a large, round, black woman gasps loudly, from the heart, and cries to her girlfriend, “Thank God!”

Thank God that a man got off after killing his wife and her friend?  No.  Thank God that a black man, a football star, got off after killing his white wife and her white friend.  I stared at her, unable to speak.  Her meaning was crystal clear.

That was the first moment that I understood that black bigotry runs even deeper than the maggoty white variety.  Both make me ill.  Thanks, Juice, for the memories.

The Comeback of Trent Lott, et al
This backroom deal, along with the ones the Dems are cutting even now, make me think that the lesson of the 2006 election was completely lost on these morons after all.

Are there any Republican voters who want Trent Lott back in leadership?  Please.  Democrats, did we vote for you because of your brilliant platform, your stupendous integrity, and your inspired leadership?  No, fools.  We voted for you because you weren’t Republicans.  That’s the sole basis for your mandate.  Stop screwing up already.


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