April 24, 2024

Snipers Caught

Presumedly, the entire nation now knows that the D.C. area snipers have been captured. Read about it on MSNBC.com.

Congratulations must go to the law enforcement task force for unravelling this mystery in a relatively quick timeframe. What if anything can we learn from this episode?

Lesson 1: there are bad people out there who will do bad things to people who are unable to protect themselves.

Lesson 2: Your children are not safe anywhere without you. See number 1 and pay attention to them.

Lesson 3: Our neighborhoods will not take care of itself. We must participate in the daily goings-on in them to disrupt the activities of the bad people and encourage those of the good.

Lesson 4: If someone wants to do bad things to you, law enforcement will not save you. It’s up to each of us to defend ourselves and our loved ones.

In recent times, the courts have taken many of our civil liberties away in this area, making Americans reluctant to defend themselves and their property. Change that in the voting booth. Take back your right to protect your home and your life by electing candidates who care about justice more than legal abstractions.

Lesson 5: review and understand lesson 4. It is up to citizens to make neighborhoods and this country safe. Law enforcement functions primarily to capture and punish perpetrators; stopping crime is secondary. What is your responsibility in that framework? Have you been meeting your obligations to your community? Think about it.


Marc is a software developer, writer, and part-time political know-it-all who currently resides in Texas in the good ol' U.S.A.

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