April 12, 2024

Kidney Bizarre

Or is that bazaar?

Intrigingly, I didn’t see any mention of these being the fault of the demonic, anti-Islamic American regime of Satan.  Perhaps the AP filtered that bit out to keep my head from spinning ’round.  Or perhaps the Pakistanis realize it’s a home-grown problem.

Is it true that in the once-and-future home of the Taliban, poverty and stagnation are desirable outcomes?  Seems so.  New generations must be trained in the arts of murder, mayhem, and suicide bombing using religious indoctrination and physical deprivation.  Poverty is an essential part of that scheme.

I’d sell a kidney to get out of Pakistan – that’s a no-brainer.  But to stay there, still in debt?  What would Charles Darwin say about decisions like that one?


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