July 23, 2024

Ted Williams’ Will

One more case of “Only in America”, this time in regards to Ted Williams, the last man to ever hit .400 in a baseball season. His family can’t decide if Ted wanted to be frozen or cremated, so they are in a legal catfight over the issue. Read about it on MSNBC.com

Me, I never knew the Splendid Splinter, but it seems easy enough to decide. Either there are documents to override the will or there aren’t. Simple. But to the greater issues, I’d rather be frozen. Who knows? Maybe you’d get to see the future. In fact, finances permitting, I plan to do just that.

As for Bobby-Jo Williams Ferrell, if she’s foolish enough to spend her last dime bickering over the issue, let her go bankrupt. Her father is gone and it doesn’t matter what happens to his corpse. Not surprisingly, few if any fans have fallen for her inane pleas for money.


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