July 23, 2024

Airport Security Woes

Airport security failed CBS News’ testing recently. Read the AP story on Yahoo News.

I cannot say I am surprised. Flying around the 4th of July holiday, both my wife and I were stopped for searches at airports in Houston and St. Louis, with the result that my mustache trimming scissors were confiscated. At this point, the security changes are little more than placebos.

And this from the article: a spokeswoman for United Airlines, told the newspaper: “That is a violation of federal law that you guys knowingly took those items on an airline.” Now this is genius at work and the reason why the skies will never be truly safe.

United ought to be conducting these tests themselves, regardless of what the government is doing.

Do you really want to travel in safety? Here’s how you do it. First, check all bags, period. Your luggage then travels to your destination via air freight carriers like Fed Ex.
Second, strip naked and put on a drafty little hospital robe. Drop your clothes in a baggy. They’ll be searched thoroughly before the are loaded in the cargo section of the plane.

That’s it, problem solved. It’s quite simple, really.


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