July 23, 2024

Hillary Revealed

Dick Morris has this to say about Hillary Clinton’s need to destroy American conservatives:

Hillary Clinton’s handlers like to promote her image as an embattled warrior — a relentless foot soldier dedicated to the dual crusades of fighting for the exalted principles of goodness and light while simultaneously defeating the ever-present forces of darkness and evil. A modern-day Celtic warrior queen or Joan of Arc — that’s the spin on Hillary.

But in reality, Hillary’s favorite wars are much less lofty and much more self-centered and mean-spirited. Hillary emphatically comes from the “us versus them” school of American politics. Like Richard Nixon, the politician she so closely resembles, she sees the world in extraordinarily simple terms: there are those who agree with her and support her and then there’s the rest of the world. Those who don’t agree with her are bunched together and known collectively as “the enemy” — that vast right wing conspiracy that must be vilified, beaten, and destroyed … whatever it takes.

To Hillary, this easily quantifiable adversary is unquestionably the source of all evil. Therefore, any means of obliterating them is acceptable. She thrives on identifying, assailing, and defeating them. Her hatred for this ubiquitous enemy is actually a source of enormous strength — it motivates her, energizes her, keeps her going and reminds her of her superiority.

It’s this last point, that of Clinton’s perception of her own superiority that is most telling.

Morris is, of course, someone who would know exactly who Hillary Clinton is, having been there to witness every step of Bill Clinton’s rise to power. So when Morris concludes thusly it would behoove all Americans, conservative and otherwise, to listen:

I don’t think a victory for her in November of ’08 will satiate her hunger for destroying her evil enemies. To the contrary, it will embolden her.

She’s not a warrior, she’s a bully.

If true, a vindictive Hillary Clinton would be the last thing America needs. Party politics are already far too polarized here; a Clinton presidency based on bullying conservatives could destroy what little remaining bipartisan cooperation there is left in Congress.

It’s ironic that Bush and the Republicans, who used their now-lost majority and the spector of 9/11 as a club to bully Democrats into supporting their hacks at individual liberties might now be faced eight years of kowtowing to someone as tough and as mean as they were/are. Or someone who thinks she’s as tough.

Morris also said this:

Interestingly, she doesn’t exhibit the same passion for the real enemies of the U.S. — like Al Qaeda. You don’t hear her promising to take on, defeat, or destroy them. No, it’s the Republicans and the right wing that incite her wrath, sarcasm and rage.

One funny thing about bullies: It’s not until one of them faces a real enemy that the truth about his/her lack of courage comes out.

That is not a dig at Clinton per se. It’s simply that American politicians simply do not seem to get what the rest of the country knows in its bones: The enemy is not the opposing party in the U.S. Congress. Ordinary people know that the enemy is radicalized Islam, a version of the faith that demands the destruction of western liberal democracy and submission to Islam. It’s not Dick Cheney, contrary to the drivel one reads on Kos. Progressives can hate him as much as they want to but the fact is that he’s a warm and cuddly friend compared to Osama bin Laden and his ilk.

It’s one thing for Hillary to be tough on Republicans and quite another for her to be tough on the kind of terrorists who shoot people in the head for rejecting their religion. Hopefully she’ll be up to the task in the likely event that she’s elected.

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