April 18, 2024

Leading Dems MIA on Iraq

kos says that Clinton and Obama are not holding up the progressive line on Iraq:

Last supplemental, Hillary and Barack hid in the shadows, refusing to talk about the issue. They voted at the last second possible. They may have voted the right way, but did ZERO to move their caucus, the party, and the national electorate on the debate.

For a bunch claiming they deserve to lead our party and our nation, they’ve done everything possible to avoid any leadership.

Why is he surprised?

As I said before, they can’t lead on the Democratic platform and be responsible:

This is why liberals, and Democrats, by extension, are unable to act, even to defend America:  enough of them know, viscerally, that their ideas are not good ones, even as they espouse them.

And before that:

In a way, being elected to the majority was a bad things for Dems because that forces them to accept responsibility for their rhetoric, something they did not have to do when Republicans were in charge.  This is a problem because their words, particularly about Iraq, were and are utterly empty.

Even the Democratic leadership knows that the progressive element is not fit for leadership.  That’s why their policies do not get implemented.  For this we should all be thankful.

Wake up, kos and kin.  It’s a different ballgame when you actually have to make decisions instead of just whine about others’.

That’s why Edwards, et al, can be brave:  They have no chance of sitting in the Big Chair.


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