April 24, 2024

Jon Swift: Smarmy Enough to Make Me Ill

Jon Swift’s return fire to Rush Limbaugh is brilliant.  And disgusting.  This is feel-good intellectual superiority at its worst.  Smarmy, it seems, is back in style thanks to W and Mark Foley.

This is a super piece – tight, well-written, with just the right amount of sarc to make an audience feel clever.

Too bad it’s malarkey. Rush is, in fact, quite right about the halo effect that “disadvantaged” people are granted when Congress, in its wisdom, dispenses the title on them.

Welfare recipients defrauding the system? Can’t confront them, they’re largely minorities.

Illegal aliens flaunting the law in every state in the Union? Can’t touch them either.

Consider the $$$ wasted on facilities for the disabled that consistently go unused. Just try to take that entitlement away sometime, though, and you’ll draw back a stump where your right hand used to be.


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